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Politics And Current Affairs Discussion on politics, current affairs and law. Do something today to make a difference.

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Arpaio; Drug War Criminal

Trump: "great respect" for Sheriff Joe Arpaio,
found guilty, facing criminal prosecution

Why are GOP hero's such Slimeballs?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio guilty of perjury, judge to refer case for criminal prosecution

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is facing federal jail time for drug-war crimes, among other activities.

Jun 01, 2016 – The trial of Sheriff Joe and his crew of law enforcement henchmen has been enlightening. A steady stream of evidence revealing a relentless practice of racial profiling and the blatant robbery of citizens possessions and cash, under the guise of a “war on drugs,” have been highlights. You take this along with Sheriff Joe’s criminal behavior in using Stasi tactics to try to bring down a judge who dared to disagree with Sheriff Joe tyrant’s insane concept of law, and you’ve got a textbook case of law enforcement corruption in the sweltering state of Arizona. Today, Judge G. Murray Snow basically said that Sheriff Joe’s case will be referred for criminal prosecution. […]

During the hearing, Snow said he was considering four individuals for criminal contempt referrals: Arpaio; Sheridan; the former head of the MCSO’s internal affairs unit (known as the Professional Standards Bureau), Captain Steve Bailey; and longtime attorney for the MCSO Michele Iafrate. [Emphasis added]

Arpaio began his career as a DEA agent. It is therefore all too fitting that such a war criminal be tried and convicted. What’s ironic is he will probably be given much better treatment in a federal jail than that given the current inmates of his tent-city Arizona prison, i.e., no pink underwear for Joe.

The Long, Lawless Ride of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio, the 80-year-old lawman who brands himself "America's toughest sheriff," is smiling like a delighted gnome. Nineteen floors above the blazing Arizona desert, the Phoenix sprawl ripples in the heat as Arpaio cues up the Rolling Stones to welcome a reporter "from that marijuana magazine."

Sheriff Joe Arpaio in contempt of federal court, judge rules

❝As someone who spent 35 years wearing a police uniform, I've come to believe that hundreds of thousands of law-enforcement officers commit felony perjury every year testifying about drug arrests.❞
-,Joseph McNamara
former San Jose Chief of Police
Arizona's 'Sheriff Joe' Arpaio endorses Donald Trump
Trump said he had "great respect" for the controversial Maricopa County sheriff.

Today many have had their eyes opened regarding the huge profits made off of what is commonly called the "Prison Industrial Complex." Suddenly awareness has turned from disbelief to anger as taxpayers realize the screwing private prison companies, their lobbyists and elected Legislators have been giving them for more than three decades now.
Heres How Americas Roughest Sheriff Treats the Mentally Ill

Bernie Sanders destroys Sherrif Joe Arpaio:
“She asked him about conditions in Tent City and other abuses that he has perpetuated, and he didn’t have an answer. You know what, he cannot have an answer, because what he is doing is un-American and uncivilized,” Sanders said at a rally in Flagstaff, according to the Times.

Sanders: 5-hour voting lines a 'disgrace'
According to the Arizona Republic, many voters in Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, waited in line for five hours due to a reduced number of polling locations. The county had just one polling site for every 21,000 voters.

Arpaio Seeks Cash from Suckers to Fight Criminal Allegations
Arpaio doesn't have to worry about lawyers' fees for civil cases. Maricopa County picks up the tab there, and has spent scores of millions of taxpayer dollars defending Arpaio over the years.

Currently, in the Melendres case, Arpaio's civil defense attorney Michele Iafrate is on contract with the county. She gets nothing from Arpaio.

The county is not paying for Arpaio's criminal defense attorney Mel McDonald, who has been sitting in on the proceedings.


In most drug stings, the police attempt to buy drugs from dealers. But in Sunrise, the police sell the drugs. And instead of trying to bust people in their community, they lure people to Sunrise from all over the country to buy cocaine from the police, and then take their money and cars.

Arizona Sheriff Wants You to Take a Gun Hiking Over Memorial Day Weekend so You Can Shoot Mexicans

Oklahoma Sheriff Indicted for Extortion,
Blames Civil Forfeiture Reformers

"The difference between a policy and a crusade is that a policy is judged by its results, while a crusade is judged by how good it makes its crusaders feel."
-- Thomas Sowell
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I hate that asshole.

The Rev

Budforce - My Friend
August 29, 1973- May 25, 2012

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In a perfect world he would do time in a county lock up instead of a federal prison, get a little road work under his belt, maybe he'll learn to contribute something to society instead of coming out of jail and going right back to being a thug.
"Bullshit. You're a white suburban punk, just like me."
Otto Maddox
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