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patriot 05-10-2017 03:30 PM

Fun with the neighbors......
Since that dangerous marijuana has been legalized in the state where I currently live, I get to get even with the types of people who can be fooled all the time. That would be 47% of the voters statewide. However, the other 53% could only be fooled some of the time which means I get to fire up a fatty on my deck. :spliff:

That being said, my neighbor was a long time Army doctor. His wife happened to mention to me that the car air fresheners begin to smell like marijuana after awhile. I told her that now they have legalized that dangerous marijuana so they better leave the state before all the chaos happens. :eek::eek:

It's my turn to get even with all the stoops who told me how wrong I was for so many years. :cheers::cheers:

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