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patriot 09-16-2017 07:24 PM

My comment on St. Louis....
This all began with prohibition as the officer was attempting to apprehend a "suspect" involved in a "drug deal." The "suspect" then nearly ran over an officer while trying to evade apprehension. He then caused a high speed pursuit which ended with his being shot by the officer. I'm wondering how many of those protestors support the prohibition and preach against a better alternative on a regular basis. Is it worth the utter chaos of the riots to keep the Controlled Substances Act in place? Is it worth all the damage caused by rioters including loss of life and well being? This is what the Controlled Substances Act has now caused again.

I also find it interesting how so many people can be involved in a protest/riot. Why aren't they working or doing something more productive than being part of the crowd? Voice is voice, but there are too many other ways to be heard. It's funny how every time we tried to change the law that all law enforcement agencies statewide would have a representative at the State Capitol in Denver. Your tax dollars at work keeping the chaos in action. Keeps them employed and gives them reason for existence. The media is more than happy to tell you all about the wonderful work they are doing.

There's my two cents worth. ~) ~)

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