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patriot 10-03-2017 05:33 PM

Las Vegas shooting
What a tragedy. I have to give credit to all those who have made donations of many types. They actually have so many they can't handle them all. Long lines at the blood banks who had to open at 4 a.m. on Monday morning. Monetary donations in the millions. Casino-hotels opening their doors for free stay for families of victims. My neighbor works as a limo driver and was in the middle of the mess. Over nine minutes of automatic gunfire with military grade weapons. Many questions come to mind.

I heard the local news media talk about the donated money won't be enough to cover all the surgeries for the victims. I thought the Obamacare bill was passed so all could have medical coverage for scenarios like this one. I really hope the victims make their medical bills public.

I am also curious how one gets his hands on so many weapons and ammunition. If I go to the dispensary, I am on record of what I buy as the amounts are limited on a per month basis. Yet I can go to the gun store and empty my bank account and buy as much as I want. Same with the liquor store. I guess items that cost life and well being have no limit on purchase while items that make lives better are limited. That makes a lot of sense to me. How about you?

It is a sad time for Vegas though. :re: :re:

stoneric 10-04-2017 05:30 AM

Obamacare was a gift to the insurance companies. But you can thank the republicans for that.

silverleaf 10-04-2017 07:23 AM

Grieves 10-04-2017 02:44 PM


white man: i'm gunna kill ppl & cause terror
media: local artisanal gunslinger provides a wild bout of nondelight

patriot 10-31-2017 01:18 PM

My thoughts of this event possibly being a Black Op actually occurred within an hour after I heard it on the national news right after it happened. After one month, I am convinced this was a Black Op. I believe the possibility of an arms deal with Paddock and the C.I.A. may have caused the attack. No doubt there was a shooting team in place. Local news has basically gone away from this. Tons of videos on You Tube. Some of them are fake but some are not. Definitely can hear the .223 and the .308 weapons being fired simultaneously. I really felt they would blame this incident on the legalization of cannabis in the state as I would not put that past the ones on taxpayer's salary.

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