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Ready to Transplant Outdoors

What a difference a couple weeks makes. My girls are looking fabulous and I think I'm ready to transplant them outside in my garden. I have some other vegetables growing but I left plenty of room for the girls. All of mine are auto-flowering or feminized. I planted them indoors in 3" pots June 3rd after soaking them overnite, and they germinated by June 8th, They were real spindly the first week but I have had a 250 watt MH on them for last two weeks and I cupped them and added soil per Pharm Girls suggestion and I cant believe how they've grown. I will have to post a picture if I can figure out again how to post. I also found the posts about not overwatering really helpful. I think I only have watered twice in three weeks. And it is helpful not to watch them everyday. That was another good suggestion. I think they really do grow faster when you don't watch them. Any suggestions about transplanting outside? Its been 23 days since I planted the seeds. I read somewhere to start a month ahead of when you plan to transplant them outdoors. I have had the light on the timer 18 hours a day. Begining at 6AM ending 12Midnite. Where I am now sun rises at 5:20AM and sets 8:30PM, so its about a 15 hour day. I dont know how much that would affect mine as they are autoflowering. Im in the midwest and daytime highs are 70's to 80's and nite time lows to mid 50's. Were having lotsa rain. I just used organic potting soil and Outside they will be planted where there were goats, so there will be plenty of natural fertilizer, I hope soil is not too rich for the girls, and I dont plan to add anything to the soil. There are a lot of worms in it. Thanks for all your suggestions.
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We have many threads on planting OUTDOORS so it would benefit you greatly to look some of them up when you have some time.
In a nut shell here is some general outdoor info and tips.
# 1 are you positive they are Auto flower(Tropical) plants? The importance is knowing when they "AUTO FLOWER". If they are say 120 day plants then they will bloom in 4 months( October) and flower for 2 months (December) and be covered in 3 feet of snow.... Find out what their start to finish times are and estimate their monthly weather conditions. that is how you judge when to grow auto flowers. A 6 month start to finish plant should be harvested no later than September or early October due to possible frost or snow issues. It would have had to been started no later than mid April to be viable and relatively weather risk free. A fair number of commercially available auto's are the 4 month variety and hope fully that's what you purchased.
Plant your plants in areas where the sun hits them all day. The sun moves East to West so make sure they are not planted in areas where they only get a strip of sun North to South.. Hillsides are rarely travelled by humans and the wetter soil is at the bottom half of a hill.
Near a water source if possible. If it's on your property you can always put up a tent or something in front of it to block views as it gets bigger if people are around.
The plant will generally spread out to the same diameter as the roots are allowed. potted plants are generally smaller than ground planted.
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