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Sobriety And Recovery A forum for those with questions, issues and discussion of a serious nature relating to giving up a substance.

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Old 09-02-2018, 01:11 PM   #181 (permalink)
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A good little “Remember When”
Found one of my hiding spots today from a few years ago.
I also dare not reread this thread until necessary as I know I must have sounded batshit crazy.

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The Rev (09-12-2018)
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safety word: more
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<3 i'm really proud of you turm
fuck the monkeys
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turmaline (09-05-2018)
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the friendly misanthrope
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Originally Posted by turmaline View Post

Friday Iíll be sober 4 years.

Iíve stayed out of trouble.
Iím still alive.

That is all.
just as sweet whimsical destiny has intended you to be...keep perpetuity in your faith Doll.

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turmaline (09-05-2018)
Old 09-12-2018, 04:07 PM   #184 (permalink)
Life is Subtext
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I’m right around 70 days, myself. At least, without alcohol. Still enjoying cannabinoidal goodness. Not such a problem there. I wasn’t drinking heavily. Maybe 4 beers a night. But I could never limit myself to certain days, etc. And I always felt a little sick, and depressed. Much better now. Maybe Turm can be my sponsor.

You’re such a warrior, Turm. The battles you’ve fought and burdens you’ve carried have been extreme. You’re a person for aspiring heroes to admire and emulate.


Budforce - My Friend
August 29, 1973- May 25, 2012

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turmaline (09-14-2018)
Old 09-12-2018, 05:12 PM   #185 (permalink)
Satanic Hispanic
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First of all, good going Rev, do what makes you feel right! Also a continued thumbs up to Turm!

If 4 beers a night is heavy drinking, I'm in trouble....I don't drink much beer but I keep a big bottle of Knob Creek Bourbon handy and hit it throughout the night almost everyday... I never get shit faced but I glow a bit..... It doesn't seem to affect anything as far as I can tell. I am alone here in Indy, but behave the same way in NY with my family... I guess we are just all a little different.
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Such is the rule of honor

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turmaline (09-14-2018)

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