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Fishing Hogs

So I went fishing with one of my buddies at a dock by a bridge. There were these guys maybe four or five of them. They were catchig these really nice red fish. You know something worth taking home and eating. These guys each have a fishing pole intheir hands as well as 3-4 rods a piece that are just there in the water.

They basicaly hog up the good area of the dock. I would of like to havecast out a few times over there but you feel like you might snag one of theiir lines. I just thought it was extremely rude of people to do that. Anyone have some similar stories?
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thats what grenade fishing is for...when assholes like those hog the shoreline you throw an explosive device over their heads, it explodes above the water, tearing their lines to shit, hitting them with water and debris and you just walk into the water with a net and scoop up the stunned fish...

It works for the UN assholes in bosnia so it should work for you...
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Yeah... to hell with 'em... if you snag them, you snag them. what right do they have to take up the whole dock?
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I came into this thread expecting a story about a pig who can fish.

and maybe a pic or two.

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No yahookans take this time to all go out and do shittastic shit missions to tell other yahookans about hung-over tommorow morning, while smoking a bong in our PJs and recovering together drinking water.
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Originally Posted by Bradford View Post
I came into this thread expecting a story about a pig who can fish.

and maybe a pic or two.

I was hoping for a new technique for catching pigs... who swim.
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